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Leg length difference: disease or valuable remedy?A therapy report by Andreas Wörmann

A leg is too long-what can you do? Many people know that they have a so called pelvic Obliquity, "a leg seems to be longer than the other". The orthopedic surgeon gives them the urgent advice to treat the difference with leg length insoles. This should relieve pain and prevent further damage. The patients get the information, that there is no way to compensate for the leg length difference. That's it then.

Other people have the feeling of being physically and mentally out of focus. They know nothing of a leg length difference. But "something's wrong".

This article describes possibilities of dealing with the leg length difference in a much wider perspective: Simple natural magnets can permanently compensate a physical "leg length difference". Psychologically, it stands as a symbol for people who have temporarily lost their mental balance. Many wear, even without knowing it, an old mental burden around. Unknown and new is the fact that the leg length difference offers a new test instrument. Our body gives us signals by instantly responding to our questions with a short-term shift.

A leg length difference is therefore of much greater importance: it is not an independent disease, but starting point for an exciting journey: For people who suffer from pain or feel not to be in balance, there is a new way of healing and insight.

The second part of the article contains excerpts from my third publication on the subject of leg length difference. It's about the leg length as a mental test instrument with the help of which it is possible to penetrate into unexpected fields of thought, energy, and information that can play an important role in the healing of disease.

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